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On this blog I will post my ideas, concerns and findings during the MOOC.
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Examples of LA at #LAK12
Jeroen Donkers, Jeroen's Course blog Learning Analytics #LAK12, Feb 09, 2012
The examples that were introduced this week are very inspiring - not only the actual application, but also the general approach and concerns. I would advice everybody to watch the whole conversation between George Simons and Vernon Smith at Educause 2011, not only the part by Vernon. George gives some very good concerns at the end of his talk. Just to mention one: "Analytics must be rooted in learning sciences". I liked the Rio Pace example very much because they were able to ... Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:48:00 +0000 [Comment]

Being a data scientist - a revival?
Jeroen Donkers, Jeroen's Course blog Learning Analytics #LAK12, Jan 30, 2012
After watching the presentation of John Rauser (Amazon) at Strata New York 2011 on the topic of data scientist carreer, I came to the amazing conclusion that I am trained (amongst other things) as a data scientist! I have a background in mathematics (bachelor at Nijmegen), but also in operations research and artificial intelligence (master at Maastricht). The program in Maastricht is called "Knowledge Engineering" - but maybe they should switch their name to "Data Science" to keep ... Mon, 30 Jan 2012 20:31:00 +0000 [Comment]

Using Wolfram Alpha
Jeroen Donkers, Jeroen's Course blog Learning Analytics #LAK12, Jan 25, 2012
Inspired by one of the big data video's in the first week of our #LAK12 mooc, I decided to look at Wolfram Alpha again. Since I used my iPad to view the video, I used the tablet to visit the website. It adviced me to install the app, which is not for free. I decided to do so and started playing around. The presenter argued that Wolfram only uses validated cured data and that harvesting the web is not a good idea. I only agree if you do not ask any question to Wolfram Alpha that any child ... Wed, 25 Jan 2012 21:32:00 +0000 [Comment]

Starting with my first MOOC #LAK12
Jeroen Donkers, Jeroen's Course blog Learning Analytics #LAK12, Jan 24, 2012
My name is Jeroen Donkers. I am assistant professor at the department of educational development and research of the faculty of health, medicine and life sciences of Maastricht University in the Netherlands. My interest is the application of computers to improve learning - in a very broad sense. I am trained in Knowledge Engineering (applied mathematics and computer science) and wrote my PhD thesis on artificial intelligence. I created this blog because I ... Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:09:00 +0000 [Comment]

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