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February 27, 2012

Week 6: Tools and Techniques

Week 6 info has now been posted: http://lak12.wikispaces.com/Week6_Tools_Techniques. Please note TWO guest presentations this week - Wed and Thur.

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Week 5 – Activities, Thoughts and Questions
Christine Walti, cw-#lak12
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table .... [Link] Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:01:00 +0000 [Comment]

Excel Cloud Data Analytics – Microsoft Research
davidjbean, Dave's eLearning Blog
Excel Cloud Data Analytics is a Microsoft Excel add-in that enables users to execute a variety of data-centric tasks on Windows Azure through a custom Ribbon in Excel. This add-in can be used to connect to data stored in the … Continue reading → [Link] Fri, 24 Feb 2012 17:02:05 +0000 [Comment]

Thanks to consumerization, it's IPO season in analytics
Bianka Hajdu, Marcadores de Cartograf: bianka
Tableau has invested heavily in a product that understands users' data and can guide them to the best ways to analyze and visualize it - all while cloaking analytical functions behind a drag-and-drop interface. Right down to the psychological rules and Edward Tufte presentation principles built into the product, he said, it's all about creating the most-intuitive-and-yet-amazing product possible, an iPhone in a world of legacy brick [Link] Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:57:40 +0000 [Comment]

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@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: RT @criticallearner: Good article on dealing with the human side of analytics http://t.co/u1ZfUivs (what gave Kirk the edge over Spock) #LAK12 #lrnchat 2012-02-26T17:31:48Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: A light, and fun, yet insightful look at analytics and big data http://t.co/nbygXjQB >My personal favorite TEDTalk #LAK12 #lrnchat 2012-02-26T04:27:21Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: is #pedantic_web, #semantic_web for dummies? #lak12 2012-02-26T09:45:49Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: From #Data to Knowledge: #MachineLearning with Real-time & Streaming Applications http://t.co/bm332V3u #change11 #lak12 #conference 2012-02-26T06:52:21Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: RT @james_ulcc: Academic Analytics and the Completion Agenda (#LAK12) http://t.co/kQUfmQX6 2012-02-25T22:06:05Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: Academic Analytics and the Completion Agenda (#LAK12) http://t.co/kQUfmQX6 2012-02-25T16:52:01Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: Hope it is not a new bubble, but sounds really interesting. #lak12 #BigData http://t.co/40IktFqi+ 2012-02-25T09:53:10Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: @nickdinardo33 I agree w/@cgreen. Open license *allows* for improvement. Learning analytics tells you *what* needs to be improved #lak12 2012-02-24T22:51:30Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: 20120221 ethics lak_mooc http://t.co/auGlLMx8 #LAK12 2012-02-25T08:14:04Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: lak12 - Week5_Privacy_Ethics http://t.co/ErV2jxlF via @addthis #ukrel11 2012-02-24T07:46:00Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: Profiling risky clients #LAK12 http://t.co/IoVFkvbk 2012-02-23T21:33:42Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: Three generations of distance learning, comparing connectivist courses like #lak12 to cog-behaviorist courses http://t.co/orvhJHtK 2012-02-24T16:44:01Z

@gsiemens (George Siemens) tweeted: RT @LAKconf: #LAK12 #LearningAnalytics conference: early bird registration extension to Feb 29 - hurry hurry! :-) http://t.co/J9w0jDrn 2012-02-24T16:38:46Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: RT @sbskmi: #LAK12 Wkshp Feb 26 deadline: Connecting Levels and Methods of Analysis in Networked Learning Communities http://t.co/WtkO9XFh 2012-02-24T11:32:14Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: LAK12 Clay Shirky in Web 3.0 video: "does the world make sense? or do we make sense of the world?" dLr6 2012-02-24T11:22:35Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: RT @ErikDuval: Relevant for #lak12 discussion this week: Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here’s How to Stop Them http://t.co/lmHjWGLw 2012-02-24T20:22:07Z

@wilkoffnetwork (Ben Wilkoff Network) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: RT @LAKconf: #LAK12 #LearningAnalytics conference: early bird registration extension to Feb 29 - hurry hurry! :-) http://t.co/J9w0jDrn 2012-02-24T17:58:33Z