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Udacity: un Proxy de Dunbar para acercar educación y empresa

cor_ar, 652 - Vapor de hojalata, March 14, 2012.
Estimada Bianka Participo activamente en el curso de Udacity CS101. Basicamente me interesa estudiar las tendencias en "open online education" con la idea de aplicarlas en paises como Argentina que aun tienen grandes necesidades educacionales sin satisfacer. Al registrarme en el curso de UDACITY nunca nadie me manisfesto que mis datos serian compartidos con otros. No he leido en gran detalle la letra chica de la empresa al enrolarme ya que confio en quienes lo organizan e imagino que harian ....

Examples of LA at #LAK12

kathrinh, 665 - Jeroen's Course blog Learning Analytics #LAK12, February 15, 2012.
Hi Jeroen, I fully agree with "analytics must be rooted in learning science". That is, why I was suprised, that Smith talks about Roles For Successful Predictive Modeling (slide 155) but does not list individual students and teachers, or education scientists among the stakeholders.

Miners or analysts: What's in a Name?

Fernando Tellez, 650 - Diving for Pearls, February 2, 2012.
Hi Rebecca, While I'm reading papers about Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining, I am wondering why there are no cross-references between the two disciplines despite there are more similarities than differences. I also wonder what are the differences that lead them to different paths.

Rastros significativos de aprendizaje

Fernando Tellez, 652 - Vapor de hojalata, February 2, 2012.
Hola Bianka, A propósito de la conferencia que el pasado martes se presentó sobre Educational Data Mining, Rebecca Fergurson publicó en su blog: algunas interesantes cuestiones en relación con ambas disciplinas. También Erick Duval opinó en su blog al respecto: " Learning Analytics is about collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning. Educational Data Minging ....

Minería de datos en educación

Deyanira Sequeira, 652 - Vapor de hojalata, January 27, 2012.
Saludos. me alegra ver blogs en español. Acabo de crear el mio (DeyaniraS) y siento que estoy aprendiendo mucho. Lo primero: estos Posterous Spaces tan simples! lo segundo que me costó más fue encontrar el enlace para RSS, y lo tercero, el uso de PEARLS fantática herramienta.

Big data, stupid decisions #LAK12

Bianka Hajdu, 651 - odlsharonslade, January 26, 2012.
One of the main points of Ipeirotis' presentation was that the meaning of data depends on the contexts and so, for measuring, it is also necessary to consider context. Poor grammar in product comments results in less sales of that product in the case of Amazon. In your example, which I find interesting, poor grammar in tutor feedback should be also linked to something students do in the course of their relationship with the tutor. Perhaps the frequency in their interaction could be an ....

My interest in learning analytics #LAK12

Bianka Hajdu, 672 - Quickened with the Firewater, January 25, 2012.
Hi David! Very good reflection. I hope to encounter in this course a use of analytics that empowers the learner. For big data to empower the learner and not (only) the "educator" a big dose of transparency seems necessary. Your example of is illustrative of

Recording: Jan 24 (Course overview and Week 1)

recording, , January 24, 2012.
We had good turn out for our first live session (about 95 showed up). Some great discussion/questions! The recording can be viewed by clicking the link in the title of this